How Daft Punk Got Lucky: PR Lessons from Electronic Music’s Dynamic Duo
Lauren Tennet
It’s Okay To Talk Derby – Hard Hitting PR Lessons from Houston Roller Derby
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Strategically Scary: 5 Marketing Lessons Learned From Horror Movies

There are rules for people in horror movies: don’t investigate a bump in the night, don’t split up the group to each check out some mystery and don’t wear high heels when you expect to encounter a psychopath with a chainsaw. But did you know the scariest horror movies follow a few guidelines of their own?

Tropes (or...


What we Learned at Houston Interactive Marketing Association: The Pros of Con

We spent the day on the University of Houston campus filling our brains with as much marketing knowledge as we could during the Houston Interactive Marketing Association’s conference: The Pros of Con. From social media to content marketing and video production, among other topics, the Houston marketing community was out in...


Fail TV: What Marketing Folks Can Learn From Soon-To-Be Canceled TV Shows

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: sitcom deathmatch month. Like a March Madness bracket, every network parades around it’s prized TV shows each fall to do battle. It’s fascinating to see which ones win over an audience, but what’s even more intriguing is why some shows fail.

Like TV shows, brands have to tell a...


Don’t Be Jen from Appleton

Customer service, as you may have heard about a skabillion times, is not only the right thing to do because, HELLO! you love your customers, it’s also a way your front-line employees can keep you from becoming the next villain du jour.

For example, take “Jen from Appleton,” a Bath & Body Works manager in Wisconsin who...


Blank Slate: Featuring Erik Martinez

Thanks to this month’s Blank Slate artist, Erik Martinez, we see ourselves in a new light—with a snorkeling wolf and an adventuring black sheep on the ride of a lifetime.

When we first discovered Erik’s art, he was working on a set of pieces for an opening at East End Gallery. The entire show was created using Post-It...


Our Fall PR Intern: The Jewel in Our Eye!

Juliana (or Juli or Jules or Jewelz, depending on who you ask) Villamizar is our fall public relations intern. She's a recent graduate from St. Edward's University in Austin, TX. After four years of exploring and falling in love with the Austin, she has decided to move back home and start her treasure hunt here in our...


Five Mobile Apps to Make Your Social Media Content Stand Out

Contrary to what many think, building a strong social media presence is tough work. The days of leaving an intern fully in charge of a company’s social media are gone (or at least they should be.) Consumers are digitally savvy, and social media is often times where they will experience a brand for the very first time. But...


Blank Slate: Featuring Journey Through

We may be big-city folk, but we sure do love making it out into the country every once and while. (Did you check out our West Texas photos? We’re pretty rugged individuals.) So it’s rather fitting that this month’s Blank Slate artist is just as in love with the great outdoors as we are.

For this month’s collaborative...


Let’s Ride: Black Sheep Heads West

We’re headed west.

Like those before us who traveled across the Great American Frontier in search of adventure, The Flock is setting out on the road for a week of self-discovery, team-building and brainstorming. If you missed the announcement this week, Black Sheep has refocused our mission.

To shock. To awe. To be the...


Kicking Ass and Making Change: Five Years as a Black Sheep


A Note From The Leader of The Flock: 

I’ve been writing a story for five years. And today, I’m finally able to hit “publish." 

In many ways, everything we’ve done over the past five years at Black Sheep has led up to this moment. In other ways, today is only the beginning.

When I started The Black Sheep Agency,...


The Society of Troublemakers Uniting in the Name of Theatrics. Flash mobs? Check. Protests? Check. Demonstrations involving livestock, costumes and kazoos? You bet! Are you ready to join the club? Read on >

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