The blender we received after our fiasco!
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Blank Slate: Featuring Erik Martinez

Thanks to this month’s Blank Slate artist, Erik Martinez, we see ourselves in a new light—with a snorkeling wolf and an adventuring black sheep on the ride of a lifetime.

When we first discovered Erik’s art, he was working on a set of pieces for an opening at East End Gallery. The entire show was created using Post-It...


Our Fall PR Intern: The Jewel in Our Eye!

Juliana (or Juli or Jules or Jewelz, depending on who you ask) Villamizar is our fall public relations intern. She's a recent graduate from St. Edward's University in Austin, TX. After four years of exploring and falling in love with the Austin, she has decided to move back home and start her treasure hunt here in our...


Five Mobile Apps to Make Your Social Media Content Stand Out

Contrary to what many think, building a strong social media presence is tough work. The days of leaving an intern fully in charge of a company’s social media are gone (or at least they should be.) Consumers are digitally savvy, and social media is often times where they will experience a brand for the very first time. But...


Blank Slate: Featuring Journey Through

We may be big-city folk, but we sure do love making it out into the country every once and while. (Did you check out our West Texas photos? We’re pretty rugged individuals.) So it’s rather fitting that this month’s Blank Slate artist is just as in love with the great outdoors as we are.

For this month’s collaborative...


Let’s Ride: Black Sheep Heads West

We’re headed west.

Like those before us who traveled across the Great American Frontier in search of adventure, The Flock is setting out on the road for a week of self-discovery, team-building and brainstorming. If you missed the announcement this week, Black Sheep has refocused our mission.

To shock. To awe. To be the...


Kicking Ass and Making Change: Five Years as a Black Sheep


A Note From The Leader of The Flock: 

I’ve been writing a story for five years. And today, I’m finally able to hit “publish." 

In many ways, everything we’ve done over the past five years at Black Sheep has led up to this moment. In other ways, today is only the beginning.

When I started The Black Sheep Agency,...


Black Sheep Parents Explain it ALL

Happy Parent’s Day! In honor of those who changed our diapers, drove us to rehearsals, fed us, clothed us and made sure we turned out like decent human beings — we wanted to give them a chance to say a few words.

When you are in the world of marketing, branding or public relations, it can be tough to explain to people ...


Amelia Earhart: The Rebel With Wings

This blog is the first in a monthly series — Rebel Rousers — where we explore the ways those we view as rebels have made history, initiated movements and change the world for good.

Amelia Earhart would have turned 117 years old if she were still alive today. By all accounts, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic...


We Flocking Love This! Take 12

We Flocking Love This! is a bi-weekly series where we share our favorite things of the week — websites, videos, viral trends, Houston happenings or people we meet. If we LOVE it, you’ll hear about it. FLOCK yeah!

1. Childhood Drawings All Grown Up

Dutch muralist Telmo Pieper recreated his childhood drawings digitally and...


Branding, REBRANDED.

Here in the Black Sheep office, we put a lot of effort into words. In fact, words are kind of our thing — as marketers, copywriters, ex-journalists and PR pros who pitch. Words are our tools. Words are precision; they are the difference in being retweeted once or several hundreds of times. Words cause a guest to RSVP yes,...


The Society of Troublemakers Uniting in the Name of Theatrics. Flash mobs? Check. Protests? Check. Demonstrations involving livestock, costumes and kazoos? You bet! Are you ready to join the club? Read on >

Events & Appearances

Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary 1926-1938

Sunday, Jun 1st at Menil Collection

This bad boy runs through June 1. Check... Read on >