Yes/No/Maybe — From RSVP to Memorable
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GIVE Mural: What Will You #GIVEHOU?

It’s done. What started with a blank wall is now a piece of original art made to inspire the community to give back.

While you enjoy your holiday break and ponder all the things that you’ll do in 2015, take a moment to reflect on ways YOU can commit to making Houston a better place to live. Visit the GIVE Mural at 714...


Blank Slate: Featuring Hannah McClure

Merry Care-All eve, everyone! To celebrate the holiday season we’re featuring a very special December Blank Slate artist: Hannah McClure. We’re closing out the year strong by inviting one of our own back to rock the flock’s chalkboard wall.

Our first-ever graphic design intern (lucky us), Hannah now works for creative...


Wildly Creative: Inspirational Advice From Cheryl Strayed

In her insightful advice columns under the pseudonym Dear Sugar, Cheryl Strayed (author of the about-to-be-a-blockbuster Wild, in theaters tomorrow) helped her readers through major life changes, career fears, love, marriage, death and divorce. Like your best friend telling you when you’re being ridiculous and need to get...


This Wall Not Intentionally Left Blank

This wall is blank. It’s nondescript. It’s plain. But not for long. Soon it won’t even be a wall anymore—it will be a flashpoint for connecting people with causes.

It will be art.
A mural.
Something to get people talking.

Even better, it will be something that gets people doing.

When we thought about how we could...


#ShopSmall: Small Business Saturday is TOMORROW

We’re local folks. In a city like Houston, with so many boutiques appealing to different tastes, you can get pretty much anything you need from a local retailer and support a homegrown business to boot. It’s a win-win: you get cool stuff, they keep selling cool stuff, other people get cool stuff… ok, maybe it’s a win-win-win...


ThankHOU: We Flocking Love These Local Nonprofits

Community is what makes Houston great.

Without a sense of community, a city is just a collection of concrete and steel. An amalgamation of bricks and blocks. It’s static, lifeless and dull. The Bayou City is made by the people, organizations and groups that care enough to change the landscape for the better.

And damn,...


The LBSD: A Guide to Work Wear Featuring Jenny Schlief Morgan

It’s the year of transition at Black Sheep. Our new mission has influenced our focus on everything, including other aspects of professional life—particularly our wardrobes. With piles of trendy pieces, staple blazers and thrift store finds, it can be a nightmare figuring out exactly what to wear to the office every day....


Gone Goal: Project Management Tips From Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

[SPOILERS FOR GONE GIRL BELOW: if you haven’t read Gillian Flynn’s thriller or seen the movie, and don’t want it spoiled, please don’t read further.]

[Spoilers in 3, 2, 1…]

[Ok, you asked for it.]

Amy Dunne is a planner. A wife, a faux-kidnapping perpetrator, a sociopath, yes, but a planner first, and that’s how she...


Blank Slate: Featuring Griffin Creative

It’s said that two minds are better than one. After this month’s artist(s) stopped by for our Blank Slate chalkboard mural project, we’re inclined to say that THREE minds are the best! Our new friends at Griffin Creative transformed our wall into a tribute to the creativity each of us has and needs to share.

Equipped with...


Join The Party.

Wake up. Coffee. Commute. Email. Desk. Work. Lunch. Work. Home. Sleep. Repeat.

Real talk: typical days are boring. It’s true. While structure is great for some folks, the rebels among us are left sleepy, apathetic and unfulfilled. Your job takes up a huge chunk of your time—are you spending those hours lit up and excited...


The Society of Troublemakers Uniting in the Name of Theatrics. Flash mobs? Check. Protests? Check. Demonstrations involving livestock, costumes and kazoos? You bet! Are you ready to join the club? Read on >

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Friday, Nov 28th at The Black Sheep Agency

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