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We are the Black Sheep

What’s the Focus?

For the past five years, The Black Sheep Agency has been leading a public relations revolution by creating smart, strategic, adventurous and unexpected communications campaigns for Houston’s most fascinating small and mid-sized companies. As our clients’ marketing and public relations partners, we use social media, media relations, graphic design, branding, community-driven events and partnerships to raise awareness, create a community of loyal customers and drive business forward.

But now, we want to do more. Lots more.

We want to make a positive change in our community.

Lofty? Idealistic? Bold? Progressive? Heck yeah, and smart marketing, too. We understand the synergistic relationship between doing good, today’s audiences and your growth. We can help you help your community, and in turn, gain valuable exposure, find new customers, shine a spotlight on your brand identity and (dare we repeat ourselves) DO GOOD. Black Sheep is stepping away from the herd of Houston’s public relations firms: we work with clients who are committed to making the world a better place through community, collaboration and cause-driven purpose. In other words:

Black Sheep is doing better by doing good.

We have embraced corporate social responsibility as part of our work for our clients as well as for ourselves. And it’s been a bigger win than we ever could have imagined — for everyone.

Client List

Our Clients Past and Present


Food + Beverage
Beaver’s Houston
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company
Corner Table
Glazier Foods
Jenni’s Noodle House
Lupe Tortilla’s
Pass & Provisions
Ragin’ Cajun
Taquerias Arandas
Tasti D-Lite
The Dessert Gallery
The West End-A Public House

Technology + Development
BRS Labs
Eli Henry

Civic + Nonprofit + Associations
American Festival for the Arts (AFA)
City of Houston (Mayor’s Office)
Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HiMA)
Neighborhood Centers Inc.
Project GRAD
San Jacinto River Authority
Southwest Schools
TEDx Houston

Consumer Products + Services
Audrey Moore Interiors
Bounce Energy
Brian Gavin Diamonds
Della Ricca Hair Color
Flaherty’s Flooring
Hockey World
New Living
Saint Cloud
Thairapy Salon Spa

Arts + Culture
Houston Museum District Association
American Festival for the Arts (AFA)
Stick’em Up {Documentary}
TUTS Underground

Flip the Dog - Shelter Partnership

Root for the underdog!


Flip the Dog logoJoining forces with local animal shelters, we sponsor dogs and cats that need good homes. In exchange for the opportunity to find them a home, we also promote the shelter, giving them more exposure and creating awareness for their cause.

Are you a Shelter or Organization looking to partner with us in finding homes for unfortunate pets?  Please drop us a line by filling out the form below and let's start saving lives together!

Get in touch

Give us a call. Join us for lunch. Or breakfast. We really like breakfast.

Call (832) 971-7725 or email us using the form below... or Tweet us, "like" us, Flickr us, link us in, circle us, pin us, Instagram us...
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We appreciate you getting in touch! Surely one of these sheep will get back with you soon…


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Our Services

Do you need Twitter or Pinterest? A blog post or a press release? Wildpostings or, or, or a ukulele band? Our tools and services are mighty, vast, wild and woolly. More importantly, we know how, when and why to use them.

Media relations | Experiential marketing | Branding | Training
Community-driven events | Publicity | Graphic design | Tracking
Social media | Storytelling | Copywriting | Consulting
The unexpected | Fire extinguishing | Advertising | Gamification
Internal communications | Social responsibility | Capital campaign development

And the list grows every day. It may seem like we’ve got a lot going on, but we know marketing your company isn’t the same as marketing anyone else’s. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to any set of rules, services or responsibilities. Whatever it takes, we do it.


You know the golden arches of McDonald’s? The Nike swoosh? The Prudential rock?

More than a look, a feel or a logo – your brand adds up to far more than the sum of these parts and is the spirit behind them. We help you define what branding means for your business and how you can strengthen and support your brand identity across all media, including collateral, social media, viral videos, t-shirts, events and in the press. Mixing strategy savvy with a boatload of fun, we give you a cohesive representation that speaks to the qualities that make your brand one-of-a-kind.

Public Relations

Public relations used to be a fairly formulaic process consisting of press releases and cold calls. But that was then…

And this is now. Black Sheep is at the forefront of PR 2.0, putting print articles, event exposure, social media, television appearances, even messages in a bottle and skywriting to work to ensure your brand – and your message – is everywhere. With new methods of communication popping up every day, managing your company’s reputation can be complicated, and transparency is important. We keep your messages on target and your brand top-of-mind while garnering the right kind of press for your success.

Social Media

Whether we manage all of your accounts entirely, work as your partner to guide and build content or put you through our “Social Media School” so you can learn for yourself, your public relations efforts will see a dramatic change.

Strategic social media gives you the opportunity to extend your brand directly to your audiences as well as a platform with which to become an accessible, relatable and loyal community member. Used well, it will expand your networking circle far beyond your community and open your brand to audiences who want to get to know you, empowering them to promote your brand and engage even more people, creating an army of supporters. Whether you need a little training and guidance or a team of digital storytellers managing your accounts, Black Sheep can help you at any level.

Ambassador Programs

We know that third-party endorsements — those form the media, customers who are active on social media, well-known figures and others — are more meaningful than a paid advertisement.

We create a community of fans right before your eyes — an army of third-party lobbyists that are more passionate than any ad could ever be. It’s the multiplier effect, and it gets people in motion to vote, to attend, to speak out and to get involved.

Community-driven Events

When we plan an event, it’s not just a great party, (although it’s that, too).

It’s also another opportunity to showcase your brand within your community the right way at the right time to the right people.  And while everyone is having fun, we’re creating meaningful experiences that connect you to community partners for increased attendance and greater exposure. When you give back to your community as part of your event, we help you create stories, intensify viral campaigns, strengthen your brand and deliver results. And that’s something to celebrate.


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Events & Appearances

We’re hiring!

Friday, Nov 28th at The Black Sheep Agency

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