Boy, Oh Boy — Adam Smith Joins the Flock!
Wait, wait, TELL ME: Marketing for the Attention Deficit
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Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: Customer Service the Red Lobster Way


[Editor’s Note: One of the many great things about Houston is the magnificent restaurant scene. The food is great, of course, but the service is just as great. We realized there’s a lot to be learned from a good waiter or waitress, and as it turns out, our very own Joelle Eid is a bit of an area expert in getting tips....


The Society of Troublemakers Uniting in the Name of Theatrics. Flash mobs? Check. Protests? Check. Demonstrations involving livestock, costumes and kazoos? You bet! Are you ready to join the club? Read on >

Events & Appearances

Houston Whatever Fest!

Saturday, Aug 9th at Warehouse Live, Lucky’s Pub and the EaDo Party Park