If you know Black Sheep, you know that we like to believe in things—one of those things is the power of a logo. Another is the power of veterans in our community.

This last month we got to believe in both at once when one of our newer clients, Combined Arms, had its grand opening. Combined Arms­ is an organization that connects veterans to vetted ­nonprofits that serve specific needs or provide community service opportunities. The vet-run org is making excellent use of data, testing and technology to ensure that no resource is wasted, and we couldn’t be prouder to work with them, or to say we designed their new logo.

As far as building a logo goes, there are lots of icons and elements that say “veterans.” Stars. Flags. Eagles. Salutes. Chevrons. We could go on. But what is it that makes a logo more than just an identifying icon for a brand? We believe it’s the story. It’s something that makes you look twice, and then remember what you saw and why you connected with it. It’s hard to do, if we’re being honest.

The Combined Arms logo is one we think does that well. The most notable part of the logo is the backward flag. It’s curiosity-inducing, and memorable for that reason. But it goes deeper. You see, on the right arm of military uniforms with a flag patch, the flag is always backward. The reason for this is simple: When the United States flag is carried forward into battle on a flag pole, the blue field of stars is always at the front, no matter what side of the flag is visible.

While we don’t do a lot of rushing into battle with an IRL flagpole anymore, we still carry the flag, always forward and never retreating, on the arms of our soldiers. When new recruits are given GI jackets, the backward flag is one of the first items they put on, a symbol of what they stand for, and which way they are heading.

Combined Arms is moving forward in their mission, never retreating, and should you choose to support them, they’ll ask that you make that commitment, too.

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You won’t regret it.