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We're the Black Sheep Agency. Wanna know what we can do for you? We’ll make a list…

Media Relations | Advertising | Branding | Social Media | Graphic Design | Web | Events | Performance Marketing | Publicity | Cat Herding | Hoop Jumping | Megaphone Training | Blogging | Twitter | Costume Procurement | Facebook | Talent Searching | Fire Extinguishing

And the list grows every day. It may seem like we’ve got a lot going on, but we know marketing your company isn’t the same as marketing anyone else’s. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to any set of rules, services or responsibilities. Whatever it takes, we do it.

Social Media

Whether we manage all of your accounts entirely, work as your partner to guide and build content or put you through our “Social Media School” so you can learn for yourself, your public relations efforts will see a dramatic change

Strategic social media gives your company the opportunity to extend its brand – directly to the consumer. Carefully planned Twitter and Facebook campaigns shift your company from a brick and mortar, corporate and intangible stranger to an accessible, relatable and trustworthy neighbor. By forming relationships, sharing stories and advice and showing off the personality that makes your company unique, you’ll realize just how powerful those little tweets and tags can be.

Luckily, we know how to harness this powerful tool for engaging, conversing and exchanging ideas on your behalf. We create an experience for your followers, a continuation of your company’s philosophy filled with quality content. We help you help others, building loyalty, confidence and strong relationships. We increase awareness, challenge and answer questions, grow your connections and monitor every word about your brand on the World Wide Web. We’re your 24/7 customer service/tech support/cheerleaders/comic relief/news feed/etc.


You know the golden arches of McDonald’s? The Nike swoosh? The Prudential rock?

It’s the ooey gooey, touchy-feely stuff that makes a company memorable in a market. That is, it’s the brand. At Black Sheep, we know all about creating this oh-so-important look and feel, and with our collection of top-notch designers and strategists, there’s no doubt you’ll leave with the perfect identity.

But with us, there’s more to it than designing your letterhead, logo and a company brochure. We explore your brand in multiple mediums – through social media, in viral videos, on t-shirts, at events and in the press – to give you a cohesive representation that speaks to your business’ stellar qualities.

Performance Marketing

Flash mobs? Check. Protests? Check. Demonstrations involving livestock, costumes and kazoos? You bet!

Black Sheep has cornered the market on a new wave in publicity that we’ve coined “performance marketing,” and we take it seriously. If we want to spread a message, launch an outrageous event or create buzz, we plan a strategic improvisational plot, an interactive routine, an entertaining act or maybe a barbershop quartet, and create a BIG scene. Powered by STUNT, the outgoing theatrical club formed by the leaders of Black Sheep, we turn a parking lot into a stage, a food court into an auditorium… and your office building? It’s our circus tent.

And the result? People talk. They tell the story of what they saw, they e-mail their moms, their spouses, their friends and their coworkers, and they post videos and pictures online. This organic conversation creates an authentic experience for your consumers, breaks down barriers, stimulates real engagement and sparks viral word-of-mouth campaigns led by your customer.


Public relations used to be a fairly formulaic process consisting of press releases and cold calls. But that was then…

This is now. Black Sheep is at the forefront of PR 2.0, incorporating print articles, television appearances, event exposure and social media to maximize publicity to ensure your brand – and more importantly – your company message is everywhere.

The public perception of your company is no longer formed solely on to what is written in the local paper, and because new forms of communication pop up every day, it can be a lot more complicated to manage. Companies can’t hide from their consumers, and as a result, remaining transparent is essential. Working with journalists, bloggers and monitoring online opinions and concerns, Black Sheep keeps your message on target and your brand top-of-mind while garnering the right kind of press for your company.


At Black Sheep, events are more than just parties – not that we don’t love those! – and planning them involves more than selecting a caterer.

We’ll find the perfect location specifically selected with your goals in mind, design everything from the invitations to the menus, and we’ll even select the lighting, provide entertainment and work the reception table. But there’s more! Strategic event preparation requires expert communication with the press, a strong social media presence and a clever performance to build hype, not to mention impeccable attention to detail. And at the end of the day (or night), your guests’ experiences are more than just the icing on the cake – they intensify viral campaigns, create stories, strengthen brands and deliver results. And that’s something to celebrate.


The Society of Troublemakers Uniting in the Name of Theatrics. Flash mobs? Check. Protests? Check. Demonstrations involving livestock, costumes and kazoos? You bet! Are you ready to join the club? Read on >