It comes as no surprise that those of us here at Black Sheep are all about rallying around causes. We give a damn, but we also know many of you give damns as well. SO. We’re looking to you to gain more insight into WHY you give a damn, HOW you give a damn and HOW OFTEN you give a damn. Because we’re all different, and that means we care about different things in different ways, and that’s a beautiful thing. We want to peer into your cause driven, do-gooding souls, people.

In exchange for you offering up your insights, we’ll give you one of the latest kickass Black Sheep shirts, FO’ FREE. Well, not really YOU, but the first 50 people who complete the information below will for sure be getting one of our super soft “Must Be Present To Win” shirts. But first—prove it: Are you present?


UPDATE: Our free 50 shirts went fast! You guys really showed us just how many damns you give. We appreciate all of the nuggets of insights you all served up. No worries if you didn’t make the cut—we will be sure to offer up more swag for grabs in the future. But, hey, while you are here, go ahead and fill out the below and tell us how present you are.



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