So, Grammy Awards. While there was a long list of inspirational moments, two stuck out the most to me. For those of you who watched last night, let this serve as a chance to re-experience two big moments. And for those of you who haven’t, check it out because they gave me a new perspective on the work we do every day.

Adele’s restart:

As creatives, we are constantly pushing boundaries and even so, we need to know when we haven’t hit the mark. We need the courage to stop, look our audience (client, boss, coworker) in the eye and say, “Wait, that isn’t where it should be.” It is our responsibility to do the work justice and sometimes that means putting aside our ego—even if that means stopping somewhere in the middle, pivoting and punching restart to accomplish something great in the end.

Beyonce’s acceptance speech:

Every time I watch this, I find myself taking away something different. And first, let me get this out of the way: DAMN. QUEEN.

She left me asking: how do we push ourselves to use our platforms in a way that embraces the uncomfortable and gives a voice to the voiceless? Let’s challenge ourselves to use media to question today’s narrative. Our work—isn’t just social posts and internet memes—has an impact.


(and, this wouldn’t be a Grammy post if I didn’t say, WTF Album of the Year).


—Roslynn, @RZuppero