Our Mission:

To Shock. To Awe. To be the agency that changes minds and accelerates impact.


Fiercely dedicated to serving our community, we strive to organize an army of co-conspirators who share a common vision. Together with our clients and collaborators, we unite around one thing—building a future we can believe in.

We are a group of people with a purpose, and that purpose is to make positive things happen for our clients and our community. We dive deep, swing wide and disrupt the status quo, lighting brand conversations on fire and inspiring actions that drive impact.

“We are focused on activating people around things that matter.”

Our Team

We’re weavers of culture. Connectors of communities. Advocates of change. Believers in building brands that make an impact.

Aimee Woodall

President and Founder

People builder, dot connector and big yesser of life, Aimee is the person that asks “what if” and “why not” and is ever-tuned in to the undercurrent that boldly gets clients to the next level.

Jessica Craft

Director of Operations

The keeper of the Black Sheep multiverse, Jess is the diligent mechanic to our ever-running engines, orchestrating timelines, concocting spreadsheets and always keeping our clients in-the-know.

Jo Skillman

Art Director

Philosopher of design, translator of brands and commander of all the power tools, Jo creates a visual environment that unites people and magnetizes them to each brand’s mission.

Adam Smith

Chief Utility Officer

Utility master, schedule keeper, wisdom dropper and lover of gin, Adam takes care of the business in the front, culture in the middle and b-corp status in the back [end].

Kara Eldersveld

Head of Strategy

Strategic sherpa, cultural translator and architect of stunning brands, Kara makes plans that make things happen. She’s the one to go to if you want your brand to break barriers, your project to be on point and your audience to come running.

Sarah Gabbart

Content Director

Content catapulter, idea artisan and mastermind of a craft empire, Sarah makes sure every word that comes out of this office is succinct, textured, authentic and a straight-up #micdropper.

Brittany Hicks Wegner

Social Strategist

Sleeves rolled, southern belle with a passion for the impact of stellar storytelling in a solid digital strategy.

Roslynn Velasquez

Brand Manager

The outdoorsy type, connecter of people and community collaborator, Roslynn was your friend and advocate ten minutes before you met her.

Rachel Atterstrom

Brand Manager

Policy phenom, project management whiz and meeter of the Dalai Lama, Rachel is our in-office go-to for government, economic and healthcare know-how.

Alex Anderson

Brand Coordinator

Gen Z genius, real-talk researcher and doer of all the things related to client accounts, Alex is the one-man show that keeps things moving forward. He’s a strategizer, a thinker, a doer and a writer.

Bill Ferenc

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Michigan transplant, jedi master of colors and patterns and a wicked doodle-maker of every sort. You won't believe your eyes.

In The Press

Huffington Post

When a new feature or a new platform launches, it’s a gold rush to figure out how to disrupt or hack the system to do something wonderful. Aimee shared her thoughts with HuffPost on why this is particularly true for Snapchat's Paperclip—Black Sheep sees even more opportunities for nonprofits and social do-gooders.

Ad Week: 360

Aimee sat down with AdWeek to discuss why Snapchat's Paperclip is a game-changing gift for nonprofits and social do-gooders.


Aimee talks to TheNextGag about the benefits of being a cause-driven agency, why she hires rebels and working on a campaign with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Marketing DIVE

Brands are putting a premium on political and social-driven messaging. Here's what agency execs, Aimee included, say is separating the hits from some stunning misfires.

Campaign US

Michelle Obama is no longer in the White House, but that hasn’t changed her commitment to the causes she championed as first lady. We're even more inspired that this work isn't over. Mrs. Obama will continue this mission, and the momentum around it will only grow from here.


One billion impressions. It’s a staggering amount, and lets us know we’re making progress toward a critical goal—inspiring young people to go to college.

Ad Age

Brands have a responsibility when they opt in to today's cultural conversation. But how do they align with diverse opinions without trivializing struggle? We explore how brands can stand up while standing for something.

Digi Day

The Pepsi debacle goes beyond the in-house versus agency battle. For Aimee it's more of a wake-up call showing the critical need to balance marketing with meaning.

Houston Business Journal

Aimee Woodall BSA Office

How can your business stand out no matter the platform? Aimee provides a clear path to reach people no matter what medium you choose in the Houston Business Journal.

Houston Business Journal

Aimee talked with Houston Business Journal about how keeping conviction at the core of your business can drive every other decision from client relationships to operations.


Aimee sat down with WatchHerWork to provide professional advice that speaks to the importance of celebrating victories.


The Official Publication of the Texas Exes showed Aimee some love for our work with FLOTUS!

Brookings Institution

Our art director Jo Skillman teamed up with University of Virginia educator and researcher Ben Castleman to write about the importance of solid communications for educational organizations.

Houston Public Media

We couldn't pass up an opportunity to help put the spotlight on two young Houstonians who are beating the odds and taking their stories to the White House. #BetterMakeRoom

The BusinessMakers

As Houston’s first “impact driven” strategic branding agency, we have plans for more big things.

Fast Company

The White House Creative Alliance, comprised of 20 agencies, is collaborating for the greater good.

PR Week

An education campaign driven by Generation Z.

PR News

How Gen Z will drive business to be socially responsible.

Houston Chronicle

A little write up on the historical clock-tower repurposed as our beloved, unique office space.

Houston Chronicle

Houston firm launches national campaign with the White House? You don't say!

Free Press

We, in association with UP Art Studio, bring you the GIVE mural.

PR Daily

Five marketing lessons from horror movies.

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