There’s no denying that we are stronger together. There’s no question that it takes a community, a united front, to build a brighter future. And while we each have our own causes we champion, we know that joining forces makes even greater change possible.

Our aim is to rally the people—to bring together diverse voices and talents to accelerate impact. Often times, we’re spread out, or we’re working on things in silos. We may be fighting the same fight—alone—and reaching the same outcome, whereas, if we fought together, we could go farther.

So we are asking you to join us. If you consider yourself a revolutionary, an enthusiast, an activist or just someone who generally gives a damn and does stuff about it, sign up. We promise we won’t spam you. We’ll only send an email when it really, REALLY matters.


If you’re ready to get started today, ​we launched this work-in-progress Action Guide because we felt like we needed a hub that would allow us to be productive and engaged around the critical issues facing our nation. ​Take a look.

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