B Corp

Purpose-driven work drives us forward.

Good business can do more.

People want to work for businesses that invest in a higher purpose than profit, especially when that profit comes at a cost to our communities and the world. We put people over profits.

Black Sheep is a Certified B Corporation, which means we’ve been certified as a company that uses our business as a platform for activating the community around things that matter. We take stock of our impact on our employees and their families, the environment and the world at large. Being a B Corp puts us at the heart of a global movement that is using business as a force for good. We see the global economy and its shortcomings and say: NOPE. Not good enough.

We’re on board with B Lab’s rigorous community, employee and environmental standards. This organization means business about doing good in the world and, heck, so do we.  

Continuing our mission to accelerate impact in the world

We do work that matters because we are invited to work with clients who do work that matters. Together, we surge forward in our mission of amplifying messages and accelerating impact for future generations. Our B Corp status helps highlight the ways that we remain committed to running a company that places the greatest value on the human bottom line:

  • We do socially-minded work that supports marginalized communities across the nation.
  • We offer an exceptional professional experience with employee benefits, training and work/life balance that puts our people first.
  • Our team lives and breathes a culture of service and volunteerism.
  • We offer our office space to community groups and nonprofits.
  • We listen to our team’s passion and engage in pro bono work that matters deeply to us.
  • We grow through our transparent and employee-powered corporate governance structure.
  • With a client list of world-shifters, we work only with those clients who exist to solve serious social challenges.

Working for Good.

Driven by Purpose.

Changing the world isn’t something that’s done in a day, or a week or a year.
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