As an agency dedicated to activating people around things that matter, we take the process of understanding the inner workings of how and why people activate seriously. We understand that each individual has their own personal motivators that drive them to champion the causes they believe in. Whether that’s online or in-person, activism is about connecting people to make something bigger happen—and we want to understand every aspect of that connection.  

With our first survey in November (you can find that here), we embarked on a quest to uncover what it means to build a more passionate, driven and connected community. And now, as we expand upon that research, we invite you to join in and share what’s important to you. Over the course of the year, we’ll be sending out a series of surveys that dig into issues that affect our nation and the personal beliefs that drive people to action.

This second survey is about community organizing. We’d love to know about your experience in activism and advocacy for causes that matter to you. Why? Well, because what you have to say is important and people need to hear your voice. Will you join us on this journey? As if the satisfaction of having your opinion heard wasn’t enough, there might be a prize waiting at the end, too.*

Find the survey here and to follow along with all of our impact efforts in 2017, save this blog to your favorites.

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*Hint—we’re currently designing a whole new batch of Black Sheep swag. The first 25 people to take this survey will get their own present delivered straight to their doorstep.

Did taking that survey make you realize that you’re you are fired up, ready to go? Like Uncle Sam said, we want YOU to be an ambassador. (We added that last part.) Ready to take the next step? Sign up and we will reach out, based on your specified interest, to activate you as an advocate for initiatives, causes and happenings you care about. Are you with us? RALLY.