When it comes to our agency, we don’t beat around the bush about how important the people are.

We recruit figure-it-outers. Fighters. People who just can’t settle for an average creative project or a job that has meaningful moments from time to time. Those who will burn the midnight oil to do what’s right—not just for a client, but for the world.

Black Sheep Promotions
Sometimes doing this work takes everything you have, inside and out, but these four people never settle—they push, push, push. And now, they’re moving into roles that will give them even more power to make an impact. Here’s to Jo, Jess, Adam and Roz—four of the most committed creatives we know.

Jo Skillman Black Sheep

Jo Skillman, Creative Director 
A seven-year veteran at Black Sheep, Jo initially joined the flock as a freelance graphic designer and later made her mark as our fearless Art Director. With powerful moments at Black Sheep that include designing a building in Times Square for Mrs. Obama and Better Make Room, writing for Forbes Magazine and building logos worn by celebrities and world-changers alike for clients like The Women’s Conference and BakerRipley, Jo excels at creating meaningful brands that push movements forward.

Jess Craft, Managing Director 
In the dictionary under the word “process”, you’ll find a photo of Jess’ face. After seven years as Director of Operations, Jess takes yet another step in keeping the Black Sheep crew in line. The magic that our teams create often starts with her, helping our team manage hundreds of active project pieces in any given week and building national relationships to make things happen with folks like the Creative Alliance, the CW Network and Better Make Room. Jess is a connector and a make-it-happen-er who does it all with pleasant, inspiring tenacity.

Adam Smith, Director of Operations 
After five years as Chief Utility Officer and Head of Culture, Adam has put his stamp of cool and community collaboration on our company that is hard to miss. Adam runs our accounting and administration, acts as the front line for new business and takes the lead on keeping the Black Sheep spirit alive. He tirelessly champions our company B-Corp status, builds the creative environment that keeps us going and keeps us connected to the community—whether it’s getting us out into the city or bringing causes into our office.

Roslynn Velasquez, Account Director 
Three years have flown by with Roz leading our brand management team as a Senior Brand Manager. Roz has helped to shape a better Houston (and world!) with her grassroots work in healthcare, education, public spaces and child welfare. From leading the Butterfly Project strategy with a shining moment at the United Nations to diving into her current work with the Houston Parks Board to reinvigorate our city’s connection to green spaces, Roz’s fingerprints are all over some of our most impactful community-driven work and we’re the better for it.

Now, back to business—it’s time to change the world together.