If I could have a penny for every time I’ve felt overwhelmed. Work’s crazy. Life’s crazy. There’re bills and deadlines to deal with every day. Adulting is hard.

But you need a breather. I need a breather. We all need a breather. A breather that’ll give us back a slice of peace and positivity in a world full of problems and pessimism, remind us that shit’s going to be just fine.

So I’d like you to meet Bob Ross. An incredible human being and painter. On the off chance you’re living under a rock, the Internet labels him, along with Mr. Rogers and Steve Irwin, members of The Trinity of Wholesomeness.

Mr. Rogers: Be kind to others.

Steve Irwin: Be kind to animals.

Bob Ross: Be kind to yourself.

The man doesn’t believe in mistakes, “just happy little accidents.”

There’s nothing like cleaning your brush to “beat the devil out of it and take all your hostilities and frustrations out.”

And most importantly, “talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

If you’ve heard him speak or are about to (which yes, you totally should), you know ALL about his calm invoking, I-could-die-happy-right-now voice. And if I didn’t already love painting, that voice would’ve convinced me to pick up a brush in a minute flat.

In his words, if nothing else, painting should make you happy. So I’m telling you, when you’re feeling overwhelmed or restricted, turn on some Bob Ross (YouTube or Netflix, take your pick) and watch him paint. Or better yet, grab a canvas and join him. It’s freeing. So. Freeing.

Here’s a quick 5-minute video compilation, “How to be Happy by Bob Ross,” with snippets of him painting his heart out and, basically, imparting some of the kindest words you’ll ever hear.



>Niliza, @nilizaali