Admittedly, I haven’t been feeling super inspired this week, so I’ll keep this brief. 

As part of my daily morning routine, I spend a few minutes meditating with the Headspace app (I know, so trendy of me). They’re generally pleasant and soothing, but Saturday’s meditation stopped me dead in my tracks. 

Really stop and think about that.

Maybe I just haven’t reached nirvana yet, but hearing that was revolutionary. How often do I (or you) think or say “I can’t believe such and such did Y or why would they think X was a good idea”? But why wouldn’t they do exactly that? They’re just being themselves. I’m holding someone to a standard that they’re not even aware of, so of course I’m going to be disappointed or dismayed. *mind blown*

So next time judgement begins to fall out of my mouth, I’m going to stop, drop the preconception and roll with someone’s true self.

Here’s to a fresh week full of heightened awareness and less judgy vibes. 

>Dionella, @dionellanatasha