Our Space

Inside our landscape, where the big thinking happens. 

There’s room for every idea here.

Creativity is about challenging ourselves to change perspectives and think fast, and that means creating an environment where we can stretch our minds, dig into problems and work with each other to create unexpected solutions that move things forward. Take a quick walkabout through The Black Sheep Agency office in Houston below.

We like our space and we like to share it with nonprofits and community organizations who are doing good things toward tangible change, but need more space to make that happen. If that’s you, let’s take that off your list of things standing in your way.

In addition to welcoming community-minded groups to meet here, we also like getting to know new folks and giving tours of our space. Like champagne? Reach out. Let’s connect.

Already have plans to come and see us? Find us here:
611 W 22nd St. Suite 201 Houston, TX 77008