We’re local folks.

In a city like Houston, with so many boutiques appealing to different tastes, you can get pretty much anything you need from a local retailer and support a homegrown business to boot. It’s a win-win: you get cool stuff, they keep selling cool stuff, other people get cool stuff… ok, maybe it’s a win-win-win (win-win). This is why we LOVE Small Business Saturday, which is a designated day to celebrate the mom-and-pop shops in your town.

The idea of Small Business Saturday started in 2010 by American Express and how rapidly become as ubiquitous during the holiday season as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and their do-gooder cousin, Giving Tuesday. On this holiday, there’s no standing in crazy ass lines in hopes of fighting another person for a $4 leather jacket or uber cheap big-screen TV. There’s no sitting in front of a screen trolling sites for deals. This is good old fashioned shopping—in person and at a small, local business. That’s it! No body armor or eye strain required!

The flock will be hitting the town to visit some of our favorite spots around Houston and updating along the way. Follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #ShopSmall and check out our Facebook page for suggestions on where to drop some coin and grab some gifts this holiday season.