Our Mission:

To Shock. To Awe. To be the agency that changes minds and accelerates impact.


Fiercely dedicated to serving our community, we strive to organize an army of co-conspirators who share a common vision. Together with our clients and collaborators, we unite around one thing—building a future we can believe in.

We are a group of people with a purpose, and that purpose is to make positive things happen for our clients and our community. We dive deep, swing wide and disrupt the status quo, lighting brand conversations on fire and inspiring actions that drive impact.

“We are focused on activating people around things that matter.”

Our Team

We’re weavers of culture. Connectors of communities. Advocates of change. Believers in building brands that make an impact.

Aimee Woodall

President and Founder

People builder, dot connector and big yesser of life, Aimee is the person that asks “what if” and “why not” and is ever-tuned in to the undercurrent that boldly gets clients to the next level.

Jessica Craft

Managing Director

Mom to baby June, keeper of the keeping-on and one hell of a vocalist, Jessica makes sure we’re all hitting our deadlines and the right notes along the way.

Jo Skillman

Creative Director

Philosopher of design, translator of brands and commander of all the power tools, Jo creates a visual environment that unites people and magnetizes them to each brand’s mission.

Adam Smith

Director of Operations

Utility master, schedule keeper, wisdom dropper and lover of gin, Adam takes care of the business in the front, culture in the middle and b-corp status in the back [end].

Roslynn Velasquez

Account Director

The outdoorsy type, connecter of people and community collaborator, Roslynn was your friend and advocate ten minutes before you met her.

Bill Ferenc

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Daring illustrator, dapper designer and stubborn Midwesterner, Bill is the sort of dude you want to borrow notes from just to see what he doodled.

Katie Laird

Account Director

World-traveler, literal pilot (of actual airplanes), Tex-Mex pizza fan club president, mom of two happy kiddos, Katie is a bringer of joy, master of content and a helluva happy camper.

Dionella Martinez

Digital Strategist

Tiny dancer, Martha Stewart aficionado, social media savant, baking fiend and Junior Leaguer, Dionella is a modern Renaissance woman with a spreadsheet for pretty much everything.

Natalie Wells

Account Manager

Creative shapeshifter, arts advocate and builder of believers, Natalie drives ideas forward with unshakeable optimism (and a foodstagram that makes us drool).

Niliza Ali

Account Coordinator

Texas Longhorn, amateur artist and fiction fanatic, Niliza gets deep in the details that bring projects to life and speaks five different languages (English, Hindi, Gujarati, Italian and Brands).

Analicia Sotelo

Creative Strategist

Defender of rom-coms, avocado advocate and fan girl of the human experience, Analicia is a prize-winning poet who believes creative breakthroughs start with listening and end with conviction.

Kara Eldersveld

Agency Advisor

Strategic sherpa, cultural translator and architect of stunning brands, Kara makes plans that make things happen. She’s the one to go to if you want your brand to break barriers, your project to be on point and your audience to come running.

Torey Brown

Brand Management Intern

A firm believer in the color black and lover of bats, cats and snacks, Torey is a NOLA-born, Digital Media studyin', guitar-playin' gal.

Cassidy Meade

Design Intern

Communicator of visuals, clicker of cameras and advocate for all things art, Cassidy gives a voice to those who need to be heard through design.

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