Public relations agency life is not for the timid. Nor the dull nor the dependent upon eight hours of nightly sleep. Agency life is for the bold, the creative and the iPhone-addicted. Luckily for us, there’s no short supply of those qualities around these parts.

It’s not all glamorous parties and getting paid to spend hours on Facebook (although there is some of that too). Agency life is tough work, but rewarding too. Here’s a look at what drives our days.

Constant Creative Demand. 
Whether it’s a delivering a gorilla suit, learning the secret language in “A Clockwork Orange” or letting an antique deli scale ride shotgun, it’s all in a day’s work for a PR agency pro. There’s just no “typical day.” While others are idling away in cubicles, watching the clock tick-tock, we’re dreaming up crazy catchy campaign slogans, dashing to drop off media deliveries and crafting infographic press releases.

We’re the ones saving ideas on their cell phones during dinner with friends on a Friday night. We’re the ones taking notes at a music festival because we’ve drawn some parallel between the crowd interaction and potential client engagement tactics. We’re the ones fighting the urge to text and drive because we drove past something that made us think. We’re always on. Because inspiration is everywhere — and our brains never stop.

Continuous Gear Shifting and Learning.
Health care legislation on tap one day and restaurant menu writing the next day. Or maybe the next hour. Working at an agency requires a quick-shifting mind and a continuous burn to learn. Because we’re always working with new clients in new industries, boredom just doesn’t exist behind agency walls.

Fun? Yes. Easy? Hardly. Agency life requires you to know a lot about a lot. Your clients expect you to be on your game every day. So brush up, take notes and study hard. Do that and you’ll always get the facts right. And just remember when in doubt, don’t just double check. Triple check.

Multiple Personalities. Or at Least Perspectives.
PR pros have to be able to communicate to a wide variety of audiences, from your Pinterest-obsessed best friend to your dad, who just called and asked you to teach him to post Facebook photos over the phone. In order to do that effectively, we have to be able to consider how each of these very different groups will interpret each message. Yes, empathy isn’t just a quality that will make you a great friend, but it will make you a great agency staff member.

A little, A LOT of initiative
Public relations professionals get to make stuff happen. We’re never waiting around for the story to break. We’re out and about, building the buzz ourselves.

That’s what you’ve got to do to stay ahead. Your clients don’t want to tell you what to do. You’re the expert, so get out there, and start doing it. Pitch stories about the amazing work your clients are doing or help them do some amazing work. Come on. Who doesn’t love knowing what’s on the front page before everybody else?

Yep. We’re pretty lucky to be in the gig we’re in. Never bored and always on the go. That’s agency life in a nutshell. Sure it’s crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.