Houston Women March On 2019

The rush and feeling of community empowerment from walking with Houston Women March On* is still going strong in our office. Thousands of Houstonians walked arm-in-arm for social justice and women’s rights—giving voice to the needs and dreams of ALL women across our nation.

But the importance of seeking out and actively supporting women in our community doesn’t stop because we stowed our protest signs, posted our last #HOUMarchForJustice Instagram post or handed out our last leaflet. Keep on marching, keep on supporting.

So, here’s the deal. Our city is full of women-owned and women-empowering businesses, nonprofits and civic groups that inspire and impact us all year round. We have highlighted some of our favorite Houston treasures that are led by and actively support women—take a look here and make your way to meet, high five and lift up these women through your business and word-of-mouth support:

Which Houston women-led organizations did we miss? Do you have inspiring women-run or women-focused organizations in Houston to add to our ever-growing list? Comment below with your favorites so we can update our map and drive more awareness and traffic.

*NOTE: The Houston women’s march this year (2019) was notably run by the national March On organization who has distanced themselves from another women’s march group who have been hit with accusations of anti-Semitism which disgusts and disappoints us. When we say we stand with ALL women, we mean ALL women regardless of race, creed, socio-economic or political status and align ourselves with organizations who feel the same way.