Activism is changing and here’s what we know

We activate people around things that matter.

It’s our bottom line. It’s who we are. We’re activators, or more colloquially, activists. And here’s the thing — activism is changing. We don’t know what the future holds; all we know is that we’re gonna be here for it.

As part of that, Black Sheep is embarking on a year-long campaign that will dive into the uncharted depths of our work, shake us loose from what we think we know and open a realm of possibilities that we’ll share with you, our clients and just about anyone who is willing to listen.

This is where it starts, a two-month period of taking everything that’s been rolling around in our heads about activism and putting it down on paper for everyone to see. For everyone to comment on. For everyone to contribute to. For everyone to grapple with.

Then… the real fun begins.

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