Happy National Book Lovers Day. From, The Flock.

Today, The Flock is celebrating National Book Lovers Day.

As creative people, it’s important that we take time to be silent and experience a world outside of us. That world is filled with words, spaces and pauses to help us learn in solitude. To grow. To turn over endless pages and absorb endless knowledge. On this day – The Flock is sharing their current world with you:

Dionella //

American Gods is fiction and about Americana, fantasy, and various strands of ancient and modern mythology, while focusing on the story of Shadow, a recently released convict.

White is a nonfiction work about the exploration of free speech and opinion in an era of hyper-sensitivity through the lens of Bret Easton Ellis’ body of work.

Kathlee //

History — enlightening. Sad. Terrifying. This book is about the history of the AIDS epidemic.

Adam //

Pollen touches on the general history of psychedelics while elaborating on his own experience and research.

Jess //

Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, and Kai Elmer Sotto comprise People & Company, an agency that helps organizations build communities. They’ve supported the creation and ongoing care for communities of investors, entrepreneurs, teachers, caregivers, dog-walkers, power users, runners, surfers, and more. Bailey brings her expertise as a storyteller and researcher. She helped shape the communities around Instagram, IDEO, and Pop-Up Magazine. Kevin breathes strategy and structure. He advises groups that build empowered communities and in the past operationalized CreativeMornings, rolling out events to 100 cities. Kai focuses on how true communities fuel growth for companies. He helped pioneer Facebook’s growth discipline and launch Instagram’s business internationally. In Get Together, the People & Company team provides stories, prompts, and principles for each stage of cultivating a passionate group of people. Every organization holds the potential to build and sustain a thriving community. Get Together shows readers how companies and customers, artist and fans, or organizers and advocates, can join forces to accomplish more together than they could have alone.

Analicia //

Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino is the quickest way to understand everything about our generation.

Katie //

John Muir, legendary environmentalist and heralded Father of National Parks, once said: “When it comes to a war between the races, I’m with the bears.” This book’s title stems from this thought, a reminder to look beyond human conflict to understand the state of our planet and our collective future (across race and species) as we face down the almost impossible to grasp impact of climate change. A light read? Not so much. But certainly smart and effective in its short form storytelling to connect scary-huge data points to more tangible visions of a not-so-distant future that we are forcing upon generations to come and, certainly, those bears.

Aimee //

Recommended to me by my magical, artistic friend Cheryl Schulke (Founder of Stash Co.), I’m on chapter two of the delicious book Alchemy. More than just another book about branding, it focuses on helping you rethink the way you’re thinking and approaching creative challenges and solving problems. “What if you did the thing that doesn’t seem like it would work?” I never thought I’d ask myself that–but I’m asking myself that now. I’m anxious for the weekend to plow through this book by Rory Sutherland, vice chairman at Ogilvy.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”
― Charles W. Eliot

The world is yours on this Book Lovers Day.

The Black Sheep