People over profits, period.

We are a Certified B Corporation: a company who uses our business as a platform for activating our community around things that matter. A business who takes stock of our impact on our employees and their families, the environment and the world at large and doesn’t settle for ‘good enough’.

Being a B Corp puts us at the heart of a global movement that is using business as a force for good. We see the global economy and its short fallings and say: NOPE. NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH. 

We were first certified as a B Corp in 2016 (after committing to ONLY working with cause-based brands in 2014), working hard to meet B Lab’s rigorous community, employee and environmental standards. Through their third party certification and rigorous qualifications, it’s clear that this organization means business about doing good in the world and, heck, SO DO WE. And we’re in excellent company as a mission-driven company, with over 2,700 Certified B Corps improving their communities and respective industries in more than 60 countries.

As we continue our mission to accelerate impact in the world, our B Corp status helps highlight the ways that we remain committed to running a company that places the greatest value on the human bottom line:

  • We do socially-minded work that supports marginalized communities across the nation.
  • We offer an exceptional professional experience with employee benefits, training and work/life balance that puts our people first.
  • Our team lives and breathes a culture of service and volunteerism.
  • We offer our office space to community groups and nonprofits.
  • We listen to our team’s passion and engage in pro bono work that matters deeply to us.
  • We grow through our transparent and employee-powered corporate governance structure.
  • With a client list of world-shifters, we work only with those clients who exist to solve serious social challenges.

Change the world, support the B Economy

Who needs March Madness? March is B Corp Month, a time when we are particularly proud to be a part of this community of socially-conscious businesses who balance profit and purpose.   
But the important thing to note here is that you don’t have to work for a B Corp to help business act as a force for good. In fact, the more B Corp businesses you seek out and support in your everyday life, the better off we’ll all be. 
You can take this quiz to learn about the easy ways to weave B Corps into your life, but here are a few of our favorite fellow B Corps businesses that stand shoulder to shoulder with us as they too work to disrupt the status quo and leave the planet just a little bit better than when they got here:

Think that your organization’s name should be on this list too? We encourage you to start your own B Corp assessment and start measuring what truly matters to the people and world around us. An early adopter, we are one of only three B Corps in our hometown of Houston and we want to see that number increase dramatically. Social change is embedded into the core of who we are at Black Sheep and, 10 years into our business, life as a B Corp pushes us to follow our activist hearts as never before.

As you define what it means to be successful in your own rite (as a human or a business leader), we encourage you to lean into the power of using business as a force for good by celebrating B Corp Month alongside us.

Together we can effect positive change on the world around us, one purchase and smart business certification at a time. 

QUESTION: What B Corp companies have you encountered or purchased products from?