As a creative agency, it’s no surprise we’re constantly trying to find new ways to be creative and mine ideas from our brains. Sometimes they come freely, as if already in existence. Other times, creativity is an arduous process that feels like it may never lead anywhere.

A thirty minute podcast could never solve this problem entirely, but Adam Grant’s WorkLife ramblings did give me some interesting starter thoughts to share with the team on this subject. (For what it’s worth, all of his topics so far have been super valuable. Thanks, Eric Waldo for the recommendation!)

Adam Grant spent a day in the life of the team at The Daily Show. When you put in to perspective what they’re trying to do—write a new show, from scratch, EVERY DAY—it’s really astounding that they turn out a smart, funny and engaging show… all in under 18 hours. So they’re truly a great model for creative teams to study.

If you can’t possibly spare a full 30 minutes, I suggest listening to the following clips. It comes out to about 10 minutes total instead.

  • 2:18-6:22
  • 7:27-9:23
  • 12:20-13:20
  • 16:45-18:25
  • 22:35-23:35

And if you can’t even spare 10 minutes, here’s the jist:

  • Burstiness is a real word: it’s that thing when an idea spurs conversation amid a team, creating new ideas quickly… almost as if you were listening to improv jazz. Interruptions and all. And it’s a good thing.
  • Lowering inhibitions before brainstorming can allow for more sharing: get ready to share embarrassing stories!
  • Criticism is actually okay in brainstorming: it gets you closer to a good idea faster.
  • Diverse teams turn out better ideas. Period.
  • Good leaders let the burstiness flow, and praise good ideas when they come up.

>Jess, @JBierman87