Reading used to be a way to get ahead in class or learn a new thing or word. It was a way for me to escape, yes, but in a fun and adventurous way. Now, reading is more of an escape in a real way. My life is busy, the world around me is kind of a mess right now—I just want to forget about it sometimes.

That’s why when I found the podcast LeVar Burton Reads, where—you guessed it—LeVar Burton reads his audience a new short fictional story each week, I instantly became a fan.

Listening to that familiar, soothing voice from my Reading Rainbow past allows me to take about an hour of my week to think of nothing else but the story LeVar reads to his audience. I take a break from my life and the world and focus solely on the events unfolding in Bruce McAllister’s Kin or Neil Gaiman’s Chivalry.

The act of taking a moment to recharge cannot be understated. You’re not forgetting about your troubles or the problems in the world; you’re simply having a moment for yourself where you can mentally and physically prepare for the weeks ahead.

New ideas flow and problems are solved all because you give your brain a break. Whether you do that by taking a walk, meditating, exercising, reading or listening to this new Reading Rainbow for adults, it’s important to take a step back and relax.

 >Heather, @heatherfalgucci