I’ve been reading ‘And a Bottle of Rum, A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails.’

The book primarily focuses on the history of rum and its influence on the American colonies. Who knew Paul Revere stopped on his infamous ride for a couple glugs of rum or that the first colonist drank rum and thought water not sanitary to drink? Rum used to be the catch all phrase for alcohol much like folks refer to coke as for every soft drink.

“Rum was embraced in sickness and in health, and for better or worse. Rum was the first remedy when feeling punky and was taken liberally as a restorative. A colonial diarist wrote that following an illness his doctor told him to drink “a little more Rum than I did before I was sick” and warned that “being too abstemious” was likely the cause of the problem.”

As an ode to our forefathers I have a simple cocktail recipe to remember for life as you move through good times!

2 oz liquor (you call it, or use what you have)

3/4 oz sour

1/2 oz sweet

With this simple recipe you can make margaritas, French 75 (top off with champagne), daiquiri, cosmo, Aviation and so on.

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake, then strain or pour over ice depending on the cocktail.


>Adam, @AdamRandSmith