B-Corp Declaration of Interdependence As Told by a Few Rebellious Black Sheep

90,000. A number we’re a bit obsessed with that represents how many hours, on average, people spend at work in their lifetime.

If that number freaks you out, it probably should. But only if you don’t care deeply about the work that you are doing. 

And what if you did like—or, dare we say—even love your job? What if you knew that the work you were doing was taking a step towards changing something significant about how we live? And what if we could measure that investment, for ourselves and for others?

You may have heard us talk about being a BCorp, a rigorous certification that puts purpose and accountability back into business. It pushes us to keep people above profit and ensures that the hours we spend every day will have a positive affect on our community. Every minute. All 90,000 hours.

If positive affect feels like intangible jargon, that’s because it’s often missing something: a commitment to the actions that will make that happen. Inspired by the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence, we have our own declaration to make:


We crave a global economy where businesses are used as powerful forces for making good things happen. We believe we must:

  • Lead, work and serve with purpose, curiosity and conviction
  • Exist where ingenuity meets responsibility, acting with empathy for those who need it most 
  • Pay careful attention to how our partnerships, practices, and profits can benefit all people
  • Own our shit and actively embrace our collective responsibility for future generations
  • Remain wildly assured that “good enough” has never served the needs of the many; pushing for transformative change should be a part of everything we do

Black Sheep does work that matters. We surge forward in our mission of amplifying messages and accelerating impact for our clients. We are a committed B Corp member, joining arms with YOU and many thousands of others.

Question: What are the actions you are taking as an organization or individual to ensure that the work you do has an impact that is greater than profit?

The Black Sheep