The Change You Can Make with 10

For 10 years, we’ve put in the work. 

The caring.

The volunteering.

The community activation.

The change we can make with our own two hands.

2010 [1 finger]

In year one, we were bold. Maybe because we didn’t know any better, but maybe because to “be the change” you have to be unafraid of it. We burst onto the scene, even staging a mock protest at TEDxHouston.

2011 [2 fingers]

In year two, the economy sucked and the creative community in Houston pulled together at our monthly Shindigs. Collaboration took on a new meaning.

2012 [3 fingers]

In year three, we got a real office, because we’re better together. The Space Shuttle Endeavor also got a new home, after 19 years in space.

2013 [4 fingers]

In year four, we were hired by Houston’s Mayor. Our love of this city increased, which we hardly thought possible. The Pope joined Twitter, which helped change the conversation around brands and social media.

2014 [5 fingers]

In year five, we began setting aside time to celebrate “tiny victories,” because focusing on the positive gets us through, and focusing on it together makes us stronger. Some guy on Kickstarter also had a tiny victory, when his desire to make potato salad raised over $55K. 

2015 [6 fingers]

In year six, we got the White House as a client and built the “Better Make Room” campaign for Michelle Obama. Our world became wider, and we started to see bigger possibilities, for ourselves and for our commitment to purpose.

2016 [7 fingers]

In year seven, we earned a B Corp certification, because we wanted to blaze a path for what a brand and creative agency could accomplish. As a B Corp, we commit to improving the environment, the community, our product and even the experience employees have working at Black Sheep. It’s a never-ending growth opportunity.

2017 [8 fingers]

In year eight, it was one step forward and two steps back, because caring is hard, but Houston is resilient. Harvey hit us where it hurt, but we jumped in head-first with our Impact Hub (partnering with good friend Carla Valencia) and hosted a world-class Super Bowl. It also didn’t hurt that the ‘Stros brought home a World Series Championship.

2018 [9 fingers]

In year nine, we were Houston’s #1 place to work, according to the Houston Business Journal, and our rebellious hearts were invigorated when Parkland students and activists came together to disrupt the culture around school shootings. We’re big believers in disruption.

2019 [10 fingers]

In year 10, we’re celebrating a decade

If you’re counting with us, you’ve got all 10 fingers up, which means you’re ready to do any number of things: Applaud, celebrate, lift someone else up. Share what you have or what you know. Build something wonderful. Activate others around something you believe in.

With our two hands, we can connect to our neighbors and move mountains with them. We can celebrate with our hands in the air—but mostly we can start putting in the work that makes The Difference, or the start of a Difference, which is all we really need.

Raise a hand if you’re with us. If you’re ready to impact your community. And if your hand happens to be holding champagne, cheers to the change we can make in 10 more years.

The Black Sheep Agency team


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