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The Change You Can Make with 10

10 years of caring. 10 years of business. 10 years of asking hard questions and doing meaningful work that helps build stronger communities with nonprofits and civic organizations that 100% give a damn. High five (x2).

We are hiring: Chief of Staff

We are growing and looking for a fiercely organized, exceptionally communicative master of both tiny details and the big picture. Is this YOU?


It’s not all on you. It’s all on “we.”

What’s in a Tribe?

Flower Power

It’s Not Where Good Ideas Come From. It’s When.

Drawn Together

The Uncomfortable Topic of Grief

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Customize this

An Act(ivism) of Destruction

Activism as Identity

There are no gray areas when it comes to survival.

Valentine’s Printables

The Mighty Power in Your Tiny Actions

How Being a Geophysicist Made Me a Better Communicator

Stuck in the middle with you

How a podcast made me feel less alone

Art, Soup and Third-Party Credibility

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You just gotta rum with it.

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